Computer se Related most important full forms:

Hello friends, I hope that all of you are good, and today I have brought all of you, some such full forms related to computer, from which some questions are asked in the exams of our different types of computer courses. And we do not know what will be the full form of this and there is a problem in giving the right answer, then I have brought you some such computer related most important full forms which are going to come very short to you.

RAM : – Random Access Memory

ROM : – Read Only Memory

CPU :- Central Processing Unit

URL :- Uniform Resource Locator

USB :- Universal Serial Bus

VIRUS :- Vital Information Resource Under Siege

TCP :- Transmission Control Protocol

Computer se Related most important full forms

UPS :- Uninterruptible Power Supply

SATA :- Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

PSU :- Power Supply Unit

SMPS :- Switched – Mode Power Supply

CD :- Compact Disc

DVD :- Digital Versatile Disc

CRT :- Cathode Ray Tube

PNG :- Portable Network Graphics

IP :- Internet Protocol

HTTP :- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

HTTPS :- Hyper Text Transfer protocol Secure

ICP :- Internet Cache Protocol

GMAIL :- Graphical Mail

MSN :- Microsoft Network

VDI :- Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

MPEG :- Moving Picture Experts Group

PSD :- Photoshop Document

DPI :- Dots Per Inch

LAN :- Local Area Network

WAN :- Wide Area Network

Computer se Related most important full forms
Computer se Related most important full forms

MAN :- Metropolitan Area Network

PAN :- Personal Area Network

MAC :- Media Access Control

OMR :- Optical Mark Recognition

NIC :- Network Interface Card

HCI :- Human Computer Interaction

BIOS :- Basic Input Output System

SMTP :- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

ALU :- Arithmetic Logical Unit

IOS :- iPhone Operating System

VPN :- Virtual Private Network

ZIP Zig :- – Zig In – Line Package

IPC :- Inter – Process Communication

CMD :- Command

URI :- Uniform Resource Identifier

GIF :- Graphics Interchange Module

DOS :- Disk Operating System

AMD :- Advanced Micro Devices

CD-R :- Compact Disk – Recordable

HP :- Hewlett Packard

OS :- Operating System

CD-ROM :- Compact Disk – Read Only Memory

SSL :- Secure Sockets Layer

PDF :- Portable Document Format

KB :- Kilo Bytes

PB :- Peta Bytes

PC :- Personal Computer

WWW :- World Wide Web

DAP :- Direct Access Protocol

JPG :- Joint Photographic Expert Group

RGB :- Red, Green, Blue

HDD :- Hard Disk Drive

TB :- Tera – Bytes

OCR :- Optical Character Reader

HAN :- Home Area Network

PD :- Pad Drive

ATM :- Automatic Teller Machine

LCD :- Liquid Crystal Display

LED :- Light Emitting Diode

MICR :- Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

MS :- Microsoft

MP-3 :- MPEG Audio Layer3

2G :- Second Generation Warless

MBPS :- Mega Bytes Per Second

Net :- Network Address Translation

Alt :- Alternate

Del :- Delete

Fn :- Functions

Email :- Electronic Mail

GPRS :- General Packet Radio Service

Wi Fi :- Wireless Fidelity

Com :- Commercial

XML :- Extensible Markup Language

AEPS :- Aadhar Enabled Payment System

ABRS :- Aadhar Based Remittance Service

ASP :- Application Service Provider

ATM :- Automated Teller Machine

BCC :- Blind Carbon Copy

BCD :- Binary Coded Decimal

BCR :- Bar Code Reader

BIOS :- Basic Input Output System

BHIM :- Bharat Interface For Money

Bit :- Binary Digit

BPI :- Bits Per Inch

BPS :- Bits Per Second

B2C :- Business to Consumer

CAD :- Computer Aided Design

CC :- Carbon Copy

CDR :- Compact Disk – Recordable

CD :- Compact Disk

ROM :– Read Only Memory

CGI :- Common Gateway Interface

COBOL :- Common Business Oriented Language

CRT :- Cathode Ray Tube

CSS :- Cascading Style Sheets

CU :- Cantrol Unit

DBMS :- Datebase Management System

DMA :- Direct Memory Access

DNS :- Domain Name System

DOS :- Disk Operating System

DPI :- Dots Per Inch

DTP :- Desk Top Publishing

DRAM :- Dynamic Random Access Memory

DVR :- Digital Video Recordable

FTP :- File Transfer Protocol

GB :- Gigabyte

GIF :- Graphics Interchange Format

GUI :- Graphical User Interface

HDD :- Hard Disk Drive

HTML :- Hyper Text Mark up Language

HTTP :- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

IBM :- International Business Machines

IIS :- Internet Information Services

IM :- Instant Messaging

IMAP :- Internet Message Access Protocol

IMEl :- International Mobile Equipment Identity

IP :- Internet Protocol

IRCTC :- Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation

IS :- Information System

IMPS :- Immediate Payment Service

ISO :- International Organisation for Standardisation

IT :- Information Technology

KB :- Kilobyte

MTA :- Mail Transfer Agent

NEFT :- National Association of Software and service Computer

NIC :- Network Interface Card

OCR :- Optical Character Recognition

ODF :- Open Document Format

OMR :- Optical Mark Reader

OSI :- Open System Interconnection

ORS :- Online Registration System

OTP :- One Time Password

PAAS :- Platform as a Service

PAN :- Personal Area Network

PDA :- Personal Digital Assistant

PDF :- Portable Document Format

.png :- Portble network graphics

POS :- Point Of Sale

PPI :- Pixels Per Inch

PPP :- Point to Point Protocol

QR :- Code Quick Response Code

SATA :- Serial Advance Technology Attachment

TB :- Terabyte

UPI :- Unified Payment Interface

USB :- Universal Serial Bus

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